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Haters gonna Hate by Kitto-Xx Haters gonna Hate by Kitto-Xx
....Lovers gonna Love.

for the #LGBT-on-dA

cause all people need a little love. :heart:

so, on the left we have Craig :3
on the right is James :L

Craig info:
-owns a bar for LGBT people on the edge of town.
-came out at 15
-doesn't act very gay at all, nor does he tell people directly that he's gay.
-The reason is to do with his past (horrible, gay-hating, God-fearing, abusive/religious parents weren't that thrilled to find out)
-Is quite a good boxer
-Actually knew James in highschool, though he was a couple years above him.
-He and James were good friends until Craig broke off contact, since he was worried the his homosexuality would offend James, who he thought was straight (but in truth, just hadn't come out of the closet yet)
-He's a very laid-back, shy guy, who's nice to everyone, except when someone starts picking on him or his friends for being gay.
-Hates gay-haters
-Has a tattoo on his right arm
-He closes up against most people but with James he's always himself for the most part.

James info:
-just turned 21
-Gets attacked by gay-haters quite a few times
- he used to be super popular, but since he came out a little while ago he moved out of their old town into Craig's area. (without consciously knowing he was there)
-Was luckily enough to be found and rescued by Craig after a big mob went after him, chasing and catching him just outside of Craig's bar.
-Got kicked out of college for dying the tips of his hair blue (it was a stupid, gay-hating college too)
-So he's staying on Craig's couch and working for him.
-He's a lot more confident then Craig
-That's probably why he show's off being gay
-Thats also probably why he gets mobbed a lot ^^;
-apart from that, his character is fun-loving and energetic.

:bulletblack: Eventually, James realises who Craig is, and Craig has to spill the beans.

:bulletred: they connect again like they used to, until it turned into more.

:bulletgreen: it was James who made the first move, because he's more confident than Craig.

these two me :D
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HidaFluffminer Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Neat. WHy? 
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That's amazing xD
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thank you :)
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